Inkedkoi Designs strives to make visually appealing designs and great impressions.
The philosophy is to continually exceed expectations for the graphic design and web design industry within the Greater Moncton, New Brunswick area.



Get a new, fresh perspective on your business. A solid brand identity separates your business from the rest. Work with Inkedkoi Designs and gain insight on brand identity, web design and social media.

Digital Design

Over 15 years of graphic design knowledge and industry experience, Inkedkoi Designs is able to visualize concepts that have longevity and ingenuity that are also visually pleasing. Logo design, business cards, even flyers are specialities we excel at.

Web Design

A website is an open door for your customers to understand your business better. Each web development project that Inkedkoi Designs takes on only the best options are chosen with you in mind.


Design Competitions
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Should you enter a graphic design competition?

Graphic Design competitions are out there; whether you’re a seasoned vet or in the infant stages learning about graphic design. There are many competitions out there that you can enter. The key is to remember is whether or not the competition is actually looking to benefit both parties or simply get a plethora of designs in chose the most […]

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Why comparing yourself to other designers is bad

We’ve all been there, constantly scrolling through countless designs on either Dribbble, Deviantart or Facebook. We see this awesome, beautifully crafted design and BAM! inside there is a little bit twang of jealousy that we wish that our skill set was on par with this amazing artist.  We admire, look up to,  even placing many artists […]

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