Jumping into the graphic design scene takes time…

You have to learn the basics of each program, fundamentals of design, learn basics of html and css. For many of us the transition was smooth; going from drawing on paper to importing your design then converting it digitally. For others it can be an uphill battle, with many hurdles along the way, but the great thing about the design industry is that if you have a question you can easily get an answer. The great thing about the design industry is that if you have a question you can easily get an answer. If you need help with design critiques there are always people out there who will give you great advice.
Now that you’ve begun to get a presence on the internet, you’ll need to show a professional design savvy website. When researching how you want to present yourself online, you probably noticed that many of the sites used stock photography, had really well rounded websites and custom fonts. Much of the design community paid for all the bells and whistles to make their website look sleek.

Unfortunately, many emerging artists don’t have oodles of money to drop into a small online portfolio. So, this is where people in the design community pay it forward, as you could say. So, now you need a website theme, some images and fancy fonts. Great! here’s where you could go for options.

Here is a list great site, from great designers and coders paying it forward:


Deviantart LogoA huge platform for artists, you may even have an account yourself. But, there is an entire section devoted to stock photography.


Graphicriver LogoEvery month a each section of this website offers a free, one-single license for: photos, themes, flash, coding, and much more. You can get some fantastic content here from people who are gracious enough to let people download their hard work. Be sure to check once a month for new free content.


Pixeden LogoIf you need to mockup a business card, brochure, flyers or need UI elements. Here's a great place to get content. Sign up is free and get free content or pay a small subscription for premium content.


Your Design Magazine. comI stumbled across this site a while ago and it was like a hidden gem. It has a lot to offer by bringing content Photoshop, After Effects and much more.