Many graphic designers either work at a design studio, or are freelance. Being a freelancer has its benefits in terms of making designs in your own vision, but when you work in design studio much of what you original created is modified… a LOT. Over time you feel like you’ve got to create something for you, which is perfectly fine, all designers need to create a body of work that reflects their artistic interests.

When working at a studio over a duration of time you learn new techniques, methods and how to handle design projects. This is great to take from and use to your advantage; everything you learn from managers, projection coordinators, even the CEO you should soak up like a sponge because obviously their methods are working to bring in work. With this, your designs grow, evolve and get better, but there will always be that itch to create something that only you made and to keep your creative streak going.

“Over-heating” with design work is a big worry with designers, I’ve dealt with it and learned a lot about how to over come it.

So, here’s what I learned to over come designer burn-out.

#1. Always do something for yourself, take some time out to start a design that you want to do. Doesn’t matter if you aren’t getting anywhere and you just want shut everything off and look into your plan B career of becoming a Guinea Pig Whisperer. ┬áJust start somewhere and go from there.

#2. If you do feel like your beginning to burn out, change your scenery. As designers, coders, programmers we’re in front of the computer for hours at a time, we love what we do so it’s easy for us to forget that we need to move away from the computer and actually go outside. ┬áSo, go to a movie, walk, run, shopping… something different!

#3. Talk to your manager, supervisor, boss and let them know your bogged down. They could change up your projects, get you working on something new or ask you what you need to recharge. Great bosses should understand that even designers need to recharge their batteries.

#4. Create something you want to do! Don’t continue creating designs that you would normally make at your day job, create something that appeals to you! Make it crazy, daring or even outrageous. When your done and look at what you’ve created and are pleased with it, you’ll be surprised that you still had enough design stamina to create a design.

#5. Love what you do. Love it, read up on everything; new techniques, new programs, new technology. This keeps you at the top of your game as a designer.

#6. Lastly, remember to take a break from the computer, phones, ipad, the internet! I know its hard, you gotta check your email, your messages, if anyone wrote you on Facebook. Stepping away from the internet will help your brain slow down and become less dependent on it.


Got any suggestions for keeping burn out? I’d love to learn about your tips.