Designers can offer your business a look that is professional and respected.

As designers a lot of us are great at what we do and we take a lot of pride in everything we create. We’ll even go so far as to post new artwork on the fridge looking for feedback (look at my drawing, look at my drawing… doooo it).  In spite of  mentally striving to be the best, we must deal with a lot of misconceptions as to why a business doesn’t  feel the need to use a graphic designer.

These are my thoughts; which are tailored to entrepreneurs that are skipping this process to save money and why they should never do a job that professional can do 1000 times better.

As a small business, keeping low overhead costs down is fundamental. This is normal for every small business unless you’ve found an Angel Investor or a superb funding for your business. As a business owner you are looking to cut costs, I get that.  The part of the business budget that seems expendable is graphic and web development; I have come across an obscene amount of business cards that have been made on a desktop printers, with comic sans, different colours and worst of all it’s printed on tear.away.paper.

As a small business owner, I know you have hopes of presenting your business in great as a great light you see in it your eyes. Unfortunately,  just as many entrepreneurs are having to do. You are doing everything yourself in hopes of saving or cutting costs anywhere.



Let’s Talk About Business Cards.

I’ll explain how a graphic designer is trained in creating a business card that will get your clients attention.

Graphic designers are able to digest information very fast and (mentally) quickly form a set plan of how it should appear. Many of us not only have the natural ability to do it, but years of training and countless books on how to do such tasks to back us up.

It’s not a matter of choosing the first font, a couple of colours and adding the information provided. Graphic designers look at the whole scope of a business (or at least they should be). We think of,“Ok, this is construction business specializing in roofing…. so having thin fonts are out of the question. It has to be a big bold font so clients and their employees can easily read the card fast. Then we think of the demographics of whom this is really for. For instance, if your business is a senior health service, you can’t use tiny, thin, hard-to-see fonts you would frustrate your clients very quickly and they would have to read out their card ever time.

This will hurt only your business in the long run; having tear away cards that are poorly formatted with ink smears and a load of information put on to the card is the LAST thing you should hand out to people.

We strategically build every design tailored with your requests, keeping it easy on the eyes; which is why hiring a graphic designer will avoid looking very unprofessional.



Onwards to Websites

In today’s modern society everyone is on the internet, has a cell phone and is signed up with one or more social media websites. So, a lot of companies are jumping on board to stay current and understand their clientele much more in-depthly. During the boom, businesses jumped at having a website created, then they left it… for years.

You as a small business owner shouldn’t fall into the category of a.) Having no website, b.) Having a poorly laid out website,  c.) A website that it’s functional, but doesn’t work other devices.

You, as a small business owner, must understand that it’s the smallest of things (especially on the internet) that will irk customers. If you qualify for 1 or all of those categories, guaranteed you’ve lost a lot of customers without even realizing it. A loss of potential profit is not acceptable in the business world and should be your biggest concern.

That’s why you should look for a web designer that has a great portfolio, can educate you on the terms of what your website should have, is honest about what should be included and most of all, is passionate about what they do. Web designers eat, sleep and breathe web design from the front-end of the website ( how the website looks) to the back-end (how the website actually runs). There are many great web designers out there itching to get your website looking great and aren’t expensive. If you would invest $10,000 – $25,000 on a vehicle to get to point a to point b, then why wouldn’t you invest $1000 – $5000 (the bare minimum) in a website that will bring in business, show profit and gain customers satisfaction.

When you think of graphic and web design what is it that you think of? Is it something you know nothing about? Do you feel that only established business can afford, you don’t know anyone who can provide this service or does it come right down to, “I don’t think I can afford it for my business.”  Your business deserves to be successful and it’s entirely up to you at how successful you wish it to be. In order to be successful you have to think and appear successful.  This is why investing in quality graphic & web design is key; our aim as professional designers is to make you look (and at the same time make ourselves look good). Like I said earlier, our reputation is attached to each design we create; a good designer will never drop a bad design in your lap, ever.

If you’re worried about not knowing anyone who can provide a service do a Google search, ask around, look in the phone book, look to graphic design school and support greenhorn designers.

If you want your company to appear professional, then invest in having a professional image created. It only takes 10 seconds for an individual to form an opinion based on what they see. You may have an excellent product or service, but if the image doesn’t reflect the quality of the product then you’ve lost respect and professionalism in the time it takes to snap your fingers.

If you are looking for professional design services, contact Inkedkoi Designs today about your project.